English to Norwegian and Norwegian to English Translations


with Specialization in Arts and Crafts

When you want to reach out to clients and others in a language other than your own, you might want to look for a translator with long cultural and linguistic experience in both countries for a thorough understanding and accurate, yet natural interpretation of your content.

As a native speaker of Norwegian with full bilingual proficiency in English after 30 years' residency in the United States, I have the language skills and cultural understanding to help you reach out to clients and others in Norwegian or English. With my background as an exhibiting ceramic artist I specialize in translations for museums, galleries, artists, and art publishers, although I also translate many other types of texts and documents.


Whether you need marketing texts, articles, technical documents, or certificates translated, I can help. With my passion for language and eye for detail, I take pride in delivering a product that is accurate, yet convey the spirit of the original document, as if it was originally written in the target language.

Some of my projects include:

  • marketing brochures

  • newspaper articles

  • app and web site localization

  • computer software instructions

  • general legal texts

  • technical manuals

  • certificates

  • handwritten documents


I also have a good working knowledge of Danish due to its similarity to Norwegian, and I have translated several marketing and technical documents in this language pair as well.


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